Artist-Designed Mini  Golf: "Move Your Hole"

A creative free-for-all in St. Paul, our group of friends' Thursday-night artmaking group, MAKESH!T, has tackled some serious projects, including this artist-designed mini golf hole, commissioned by the Walker Art Center and now owned by the museum. Brought back for three seasons, "Move Your Hole" was conceived of by Jake Nassif and realized by the entire team (Lucas Alm, Justin Heideman, Aaron Marx, Jake Nassif, Craig Phillips, Paul Schmelzer, and Witt Siasoco). The concept:

Deceptively simple in design and appearance, Roaming Hole Gardens transforms the familiar mini golf experience with a crucial twist: the hole roams. By moving topiary plugs from one hole to another, players change the object of the round for everyone, thereby altering the competitive and strategic landscape. The course’s artificial trees, shrubs and flowers are not merely aesthetic adornments, but mobile equipment. To play, you need to learn only one new rule: On your turn, hit your ball OR move the hole.

View "Move Your Hole" in three slideshows at 2015, 2014, 2013.