Keeping Track: The Political Railway Graffiti of IMPEACH

Minnesota-based graffiti artist IMPEACH has created "an entirely new art form," says curator and activist Josh MacPhee: "behemoth metal broadsheets, tracking news across North America." IMPEACH's freight train graffiti ranges from the overtly political—referencing bailouts, austerity, and torture—to the more poetic ("Gratitude," "Witness"). Interviewed in Minneapolis, IMPEACH tells me that while his aim is to change minds, political railway graffiti is also a form of therapy. "Trains," he says, "they go, so I don't have to live with it. I got that idea out. I said it to somebody. It's out there, and I can move on." 


Read more about "middle America's graffiti troubadour" at Medium's design site, re:form, published March 15, 2015.